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Since time immemorial man has been striving hard to make his life meaningful, progressive and prosperous. He traversed the unending journey in the quest of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance. In modern scenario, the number of learning institutions have come to existence for spreading the light of ever-evolving knowledge. Every learning institution which imparts education and disseminates new ideas, centers around the philosophy and motto of its founder. Since its inception in 2016, The Gurukul Nilokheri has been rendering its services to restore the faded glory of our nation with value based education. The amalgamation of tradition & modernity will empower the youth of today to tread on the righteous path. The mission of The School/Gurukul is the driving force to surge ahead for the enviable heights.

Exam Notification

Fee Structure

Class Annual Fees
(Payable In four Installements)
Class 5 to 10/ Class 11 to 12 1,72,000/ 1,76,000
1st Installment(At the time of Admission) 43000/ 44000
2nd Installment(7th July) 43000/ 44000
3rd Installment(7th October) 43000/ 44000
4th Installment(7th January) 43000/ 44000

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